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A census worker recording a family's information

1950 US Census

The 1950 Census (released on April 1, 2022) gives us a snapshot of where people lived, who they lived with, their family relationships, their occupation, and other useful information. We learn their age, place of birth, and who their neighbors were. We gain insights into their lives and circumstances.

The census is a valuable resource for anyone learning about their own family history or genealogy, or historical research in general. It is also useful for research in fields like economics, sociology, and anthropology.

Searching the Census

Select the state you want to search, and enter the last name of the person you want to find in that state. If it is a common last name, you can try adding given names to narrow the search. Since the census was just recently released, we are currently using an index of names that was automatically generated by computers reading the handwriting, so there are many errors. We are working on making the index better, but that will take a little time.

If you do not find the person you are looking for, they might have been recorded incorrectly by the census-taker in 1950, but it is more likely that the computer-generated index just has them transcribed incorrectly right now. Try leaving the given names blank in case given names were spelled or transcribed incorrectly, and try searching for similar names (inexact matches). It is also sometimes helpful to search for family members the person might have lived with to see if the person you are looking for was in the same household.

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