A census taker records a family's information in 1950


If you need to license bulk 1950 or 1940 census data, this is the place! We will be making our person-level census indexes available to be licensed, and also our page layout data (the positions of each rectangular field on a given page). You can choose either the limited-use license for internal use within your organization (it requires a signed contract that prohibits redistribution and places some limits on how the data is used), or a permissive license that allows public use on the Internet and even redistribution of the data. License details will be added here soon.

1950 Census Index

Most individual genealogists and family history users do not need entire census datasets and are much better served by just using online census search forms. However, some professional historians and other researchers in academic, government or institutional settings need access to larger amounts of data, or need the flexibility to develop their own tools and specialized database queries. Likewise, entrepreneurs and small businesses have long been at a major disadvantage when trying to break into the family history industry, because it is nearly impossible to compete with the large companies without access to foundational datasets like the census. If you fit into any of these categories, this census dataset is for you.

Our 1950 census index will be available for pre-order soon. Check back for pricing and more information.

1950 Page Layout Data

For each 1950 Population Schedule Form P1 page, the page layout dataset includes a JSON file that has the skew and shear angle of the page (so it can be aligned for display or processing), along with identifiers and corresponding coordinates for rectangular fields. It also indicates which rows are the preprinted sample rows.

If you are a developer, this is exactly what you need in order to work with census images if you have your own handwriting recognition algorithms but not a good layout analysis solution, or if you are creating a user interface for the census and want to provide field highlights. If you are an end-user that just wants to search and use the census, this dataset is not something that would be useful to you.

Allow up to 30 days after payment confirmation for delivery. Any future corrections we make to this dataset are available free with your license purchase. Data is licensed to customers in the U.S. only. Please contact us by email at sales@hjournals.com if you have questions or wish to place an order.

Computed data fields displayed on a 1950 census page Example of a JSON file with field coordinates



1940 Census Index

Our 1940 census index will be available for pre-order soon. Check back for pricing and more information.

1940 Page Layout Data

Similar to the 1950 page layout data, we will soon be making page layout data available for the 1940 census. Check back for pricing and more information.